With different social platforms emerging everyday, the questions still stands: “Is Email marketing still important?” Quick answer, yes

Having an email list is just as important as being on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Being present on all platforms gives you a chance to tap into a market that you wouldn’t have been able to reach previously and helps you establish your footprint in the market place.

Here are my top reasons:

1.Updating your current audience

Everyone checks their email and sending your daily, weekly, or monthly letter will keep you in your current audience’s face. This can be as simple as saying: “Hope you’re doing well, look at the success our last months client had!” or send them to your landing page. Those who are already signed up will receive this message and continue reading if you are providing value, it will keep them engaged.

2.Providing massive value

On that note, when you are constantly providing value to your current following, your following will be that much stronger. They will look at you as a authority figure and trust your word. Then when you offer your $195 mastermind, they won’t think twice because of the value you have given them. No longer will your audience think you are in it for the quick buck.

3.Email marketing is easy to scale

Most tools for email marketing will give you the ability to track what happens after you sent the message out. Opt in rate, opens, unsubscribe rate, delivery rates, you name it. This will give you an idea of how well your campaign is working and allow you to tweak things along the way. Once you find your sweet spot, it becomes a numbers game. I personally use Replyify because you can see exactly WHO opened the message rather than just numbers.

4.Building a brand

Pictures and video are not the only thing to build a credible and sought after brand. Having a personal email shows the level of interest your current or potential clientele have. An email is personal. Nobody wants to open up their email and see a bunch of things unrelated to them. Too many times people try to hard sell and completely shut out the brand awareness and reach aspect. Instead, try to focus on building trust and adding a sense of personality to your brand.

5.Staying consistent

Building your email list is another way of building your brand as mentioned before. Your brand should be consistent. Your brand should be clear. Your brand should be focused. If all of a sudden Gary Vee starts sending you information on pets, you’d be thrown off and be confused as to what he’s pushing. The people that follow you are not stupid. If they see you drifting off from your core message, it’ll be about as subtle as a gun.

6.Having total control

Just recently the algorithm for Instagram and Facebook changed, making it harder to reach your audience without paying for it. You have zero control over that. Luckily, with email you do. The list you build and cultivate will stay there as long as you have your dedicated list, they will continue to open your emails and read the most important updates.


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