Social media in general has changed the game and revolutionized the way we communicate and how business is conducted. You’re seriously missing out if you don’t utilize all of the platforms out there today. I want to talk about how you can max out Instagram and get the most out of your following. Here are my 4 tips:

1. Engagement Groups

Engagement groups are essentially people in your related niche who are in a group chat and every time you post, they will be the first to like and comment. The idea is that you return the favor. Everyone wins because the more engagement you have, the better your following is going to get and the faster you will grow. It’s okay to engage with smaller followings. Only 20% of your followers will see your post so you want the highest engagement possible. When people engage faster in the first hour, Instagram will notice this and push your post to the explore page or push it to the top of someone’s feed

2. Paid Ads

I like to call Instagram ads the “Google Ad Words” in the early 2000’s. Super underpriced and I think underutilized. Again, it’s important to target people in your industry. You also want something enticing. A very nice video or picture. Think of your potential followers, why would they want to follow you. Do you stand out for your edits? Car following? Motivational tidbits? You choose and go full force. When you do this, you need to test different pieces of content as well. You might not get the results you want with the photo/video you thought was going to do well. Mix it up and experiment. When you found the one that hit home, stop the other ads and push more on the one that is doing well. Lastly, have a call to action. Do you want them to follow you? Download your PDF? TELL THEM! Catch their attention, make it clear, and have a call to action.

3. $1.80 Strategy from Gary Vaynerchuk

I hear people say they spend hours everyday on their Instagram but what are you really doing? This is a form of high engagement on your part. Start by searching something in your related niche. You can do this by typing this into the search bar of Instagram and press tags. The top 9 posts are the highest engaging and you want to interact with them. Don’t just like it and leave an emoji. You will look like everyone else. Look at the post and cation and think of something you can really ad value to. Comment something related to the post and show that you care. What you’re essentially doing is leaving behind your $0.02. If you do this on the top 9 posts for 10 different hashtags in your related industry, you will see why it’s called the $1.80 strategy. That’s 90 posts and if you’re consistent, you will see people visiting your page and following you.

4.Utilizing hashtags

A minimum of 15 hashtags is a good idea to start with. You want a mix of very popular hashtags AND smaller, niched down posts. It’s more difficult to rank for the higher engaged hashtags but if you’re consistent, you will slowly start to get noticed. The same goes for the smaller, niched down. You can rank quickly and have people notice you quickly and have more people visit your page.


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